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Push-pull Type Pickling Line:
These push-pull type pickling line characteristics include: 450.000 tons of annual production capacity, 25T of materials roll weight, 1.2-4mm of thickness, 770-1300 mm of width, 120 m/min of set maximum speed. It adopts pickling of grade 5and flushing of grade 4, realizing the PLC fully automatic system control with the function of oil liquoring and cutting edge as well as high-efficiency and clean board.
One 1450mm single frame six roller reversible mill machine, one 1150mm single
frame six roller reversible mill machine, whose features include: 400,000 tons of annual production capacity, fully digital DC transmission system, power supply with the controlled silicon, matching Siemens and ABB bus control system,realizing full PLC control and hydraulic pressure AGC automatic control under the set full hydraulic pressure as well as adopting βline thickness gauge, the maximum rolling speed of 1000m/min, total pressure rate≤90%, product specification 0.15-1.5*700-1250mm and the rolling precision, the board quality and the plate type have all reached the leading level of cold-rolled products.
1450mm Degreasing Production Line
1450mm degreasing production line features include: raw materials thickness: 0.15-1.8mm, width: 700-1300 mm, set maximum speed of 300 m/min and can be applied in cleansing electrolytic degreasing of the steel strip materials and clearing the strip materials surface oil slick to obtain high-quality cold-rolled strip materials.
1350mm Longitudinal Cutting Production Line
This set is used to cut the strip steel in rolls into a certain width and roll around based on a fixed tension. The set adopts DC motor speed control system, PLC and hydraulic control with the maximum operation speed of 220 m/min, thickness: 0.2-1.5mm, width: 900-1350 mm, cut edge precision width tolerance of ±0.03 mm and burr<0.03 mm.
sets of Bright Hydrogen Annealing Furnace with 75 tons
22 sets of 75 tons bright hydrogen annealing furnace with following features: 400.000 tons of annual annealing capacity with the German Siemens PLC control system, realizing independent technical control in each stove, centralized management as well as one desktop operation, surveillance and control. This machine has reached world’s advanced level in the areas of temperature control and the improvement of the steel plate mechanical performance and the surface quality, etc.
1450mm Planisher
This kind of machine adopts the advanced controlled silicon for power supply, digital DC transmission system and set PLC control. Under the hydraulic pressure, the HGC reaches flatness of 0.5mm/m, elongation of ma×10%. By improving the strip steel mechanical properties and plate shape to eliminate the yield platform, it adjusts the strip steel surface roughness to get high-quality steel plates.
1450mm Stretch Bending Straightening Machine Set
This model of machine applies digital DC transmission system and the set PLC control. The set speed is 240m/min and the materials specification is 0.2-08*700-1350mm. The machine can make the sheet generate longitudinal and transverse deformation under the hydraulic pressure by stretch bending straightening to further flatness and materials performance of the sheet, and then get higher quality steel plates.


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